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Sun highlights the ivory tusk of an elephant in the shadows

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With over 25 years of safari guiding experience Paul Oliver can advise you on the very best ways to enjoy the African bush. He can either personally guide you or consult with you to create the finest safari adventures that Tanzania can offer.

By bringing with you a willingness to learn and a sense of humour, slowly but surely over the course of your safari adventure a story of beautiful complexity is appreciated and enjoyed.

By visiting different wildlife habitat types over 10-14 days, you will marvel at the variety of life forms that co-exist, compete and predate on each other over the wild and varied Tanzanian landscapes.

By meeting Tanzania’s fascinating people on their terms, you will understand how the human spirit can rise above poverty and prejudice, ignorance and differences to exchange real ideas and create more understanding between cultures that seem so very different at the outset. The bountiful natural resources that Tanzania seeks to protect and benefit from can only be maintained by the tourism dollar (or Euro or pound) so come to learn how a country that had 8 million people at independence in 1961 and now has nearly 45 million, and is still protecting a higher percentage of its land for conservation purposes than almost any other nation on Earth.

Paul Oliver is one of Africa's special people and one of the most respected guides in Tanzania.
Brian Jackman.

I only use the smaller and more isolated lodges and camps. These beautiful places combine with my private luxury or more mobile lightweight camps, sited in wilderness areas, to create the most awe inspiring of safaris. Explore off road and spend some of your safari adventure under canvas. Be close to the land not isolated from nature in a cement lodge.
Paul Oliver.

Please browse my web site, read the news section and let us create together a learning experience that will change your life and be great fun at the same time.