The 2008 Dry season ends

This past dry season has seen me lead safaris all over Tanzania and I am thankful for the variety. Below are just a few of the locations I have enjoyed with my guests.

I loved being at Oliver’s Camp for most of the dry seasons from 1992-2004 and the depth of understanding that season long presence gives will never be forgotten. These days I am lucky enough to spend quality time in the northern Serengeti, Katavi and Mahale as well and I have gotten to know these areas much better because of it. For a guide there is no substitute for regular visits to a habitat and as I love to explore new valleys and far off hills the excitement of new experiences returns. The Serengeti migration moved north early this dry season and by early July the wildebeest were flinging themselves into the Mara River. In Katavi the amount of water held within the park was impressive and the park and wildlife looked better for it. Tarangire’s Silale swamp was also quite full of water in late October with the elephants loving the extra mud and ease of finding drinking water. All in all it’s been a wonderful season and I thank all the staff at the various safari camps for their help in making my job easier.

Arusha National Park in JuneArusha National Park in June

Northern Serengeti in JulyNorthern Serengeti in July

Mara River Serengeti in AugustMara River Serengeti in August

Katavi in AugustKatavi in August

Mahale in AugustMahale in August

With the National Geographic Society in SeptemberWith the National Geographic Society in September

Tarangire in OctoberTarangire in October

A Horse Riding safari in NovemberA Horse Riding safari in November

Our Sanjan web site(external link) news section is up and running and my wife Marina (Tati), Gian Schachenmann and I have tried to create a site that reflects the various things we all get up to. Our photographic and printing services are in demand so I’ve been busy photographing paintings, maps, models decked out in Maasai Women’s jewelry and recently a horse riding safari. And oh yes my wife Marina (Tati) bought me a horse! His name is Fancy Arrow – and here’s a photo of my first ever view of this large Appaloosa(external link) I had better start reading up about them.

Fancy Arrow will be riden out to North Maasailand quite soonFancy Arrow will be riden out to North Maasailand quite soon

As the heat arrives and a few showers fall our dusty, hazy dry season skies disappear. As I write, the clearest view for months of Mount Meru from my office window has me mesmerized and I look forward to our green season. Landscapes will change, people and wildlife get busy. The dry season is over. Long live the green season!

Safari bookings for next season are certainly down but it may never be a better value time to travel as camp rates are being held at 2008 rates. With all the uncertainty around everyone is feeling the pinch at present so expect some good deals ahead and perhaps fewer visitors. It is reality check time for the new investors here-us old hands know how this all works!

Happy Safaris

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