A late August and into September safari - this included 6 nights at the Mara River

late August, September 2009

2 friends of the previous large family group joined me for an intimate safari of 10 nights and as we really enjoyed each others company, having camped together before- it was a pleasure to safari in two new locations (for them). We spent 3 nights at Oliver’s Camp and then 6 nights in a private camp – set up just for us. We also enjoyed a night at the new Sayari camp as our mobile camp moved location. What a feast of wildlife we enjoyed! Tarangire was dry and large concentrations of wildlife were on view. My guest’s first leopard (followed by many other leopard sightings during this trip) was a real thrill for them. Spending quality time on the Mara River gave us so many opportunities to watch river crossings of large herds and slow down to enjoy the space that is the Northern Serengeti.

Photography was our pleasure and we spent long hours crafting images. This is always fun as today I am enjoying my photography more than ever before.








Late July to early September each year is a special time to be on safari but be careful where you go. Not all locations are extra special – just because you may visit Tarangire and Serengeti doesn’t mean you will visit the best parts of these wonderfully vibrant ecosystems. You may also spend long days on bumpy roads that could be spent immersed in wilderness. Wildlife spectacles can be great distances apart and flying can sometimes be the only way to link the best areas at certain times of the year. Being with a guide that knows them well – a guide that wants to get away from other cars and a guide that knows how to explore is so very important. Comfort must come second to wilderness! But hey we want it all don’t we? Plan your safari well and don’t try to see too many locations.

Don’t be one of the crowds!







Our Mobile camp was very comfortable and the new Sayari camp (below) is a great place to relax for a night as the mobile camp moves location.



As September arrived I became absorbed in a safari to the southern highlands, Katavi and Mahale.
A long drive south to Mbeya near Zambia waited after driving the 12 hours back from Northern Serengeti.
And after only two nights at home in Arusha I set off for the 3 day drive south during which I hoped to spend time with friends in Iringa to celebrate my 53rd birthday…….see the next 3 newsletters!