A family safari to Tarangire and the Coast

October/November 2009

Every October/November my mother visits us here in Arusha. She lives in Norwich, Norfolk, England and as I spent my teenage years there it’s always great to get news and spend time with her. We generally go somewhere within Tanzania for a week or two during her visit. Traveling with Irene this time was my niece Zoe and her friend Emily aged 14 and 18 respectively. The joys of watching young minds on their first visit to Africa is special so I suggested we enjoy a real mixture of Arusha, Oliver’s Camp and Tarangire and then experience the long drive down to the coast to spend 4 great days at the Indian Ocean. The time together flew past and each and every day was full of incident and new experiences for them all. We visited local markets, my wife Tati’s Maasai Women’s project and watched a football game at out local Greek club. We visited the horse riding clubs, swam with 30 dolphins and saw 5 wild dogs in Tarangire. Seeing lions and elephants is always high on the want list and with Tarangire being so dry we couldn’t go wrong!

Oh yes – they also experienced sunburn, insect bites, mild dehydration, and a runny tummy, scorching sun and lashing rain.
Life in Tanzania is never dull!



When you live here it is easy to forget that visitors may have never seen a banana or a coffee plant before let alone a zebra herd, an elephant dropping, a long drop loo or an African sunset.
So much is alien for them as almost everything in our daily life here is new to their eyes. Here I share some of our images from the 12 day safari.
Great memories and we will have to do it again!


























We will have to plan something special for Irene’s 80th birthday!

Love to you all. Paul