Part 3: The land of large beasts. Katavi National Park

Our August safari was at its last destination and the learning side of our adventure was starting to sink in. I could feel it. It’s complex and a challenge for most urban apes and no better finale than to be in a relaxed frame of mind and be surrounded by very large mammals all day. You can ponder and slow down. Quality wildlife watching is best done this way.

Our 4 nights in Katavi seemed to float past and each experience was enhanced by what had happened to us before in the Serengeti and Mahale. We were becoming better observers and could appreciate the intricacies around us, the whole was now more understandable somehow. The life of a male lion or predator prey dynamics were not just complete unknowns anymore. Grazing v browsing, grassland v wooded savannah, ungulate v primate - all was now familiar.

With over a 1000 buffalos in the back ground a male lion seeks a resting place, away from the open grassland.
And shortly after this lioness did the same.

Katavi’s wildlife, its sunsets and its isolated feel make it one of my very favorite safari destinations.
Camp life was also thoroughly enjoyed with long lazy siestas after lunch whilst elephants passed though and palm trees rustled.
Our nights were noisy as lions, hippos, elephants and owls made their claims. A truly special end to a safari with great new friends.

Heading towards the Katavi airstrip on our last morning.