January 2012- Tarangire when it's green

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Having friends that own a lodge in Tarangire means I can pop out for a few days rest at almost any time! How lucky I am. Here I share a few images to remember and celebrate.

Tarangire elephants love the wet times  

Happy elephants, leaf laden baobabs and flowering acacia trees make for wonderful wildlife viewing from these giants of nature to the butterflies, from Hyrax to squirrels, from leopards to vervet monkeys. The bird here life is fascinating at any time of the year.

Tarangire in January. Go there.

I was here with my Mother, Irene Oliver, she joins me here every year depending on when I am free from safari commitments from October-January.  We always try to visit Tarangire.

Tarangire chui in Jan 2012

It is so important to get out somewhere in the bush or country side where ever you live. It can clear the mind, recharge the immune system and put things into perspective.

Tarangire Lodge wildlife

Never ever take it all for granted. Enjoy each and every bird, every elephant and every flower.  I try to! What’s around where you live?

Tarangire cuckoo in January 2012

Tarangire January 2012

We are loosing wildlife all over our planet at an unprecedented rate, poaching is once again threatening our Rhino and elephant populations. The Asian demand for ground lion bones, exotic reptiles to eat and even (reportedly) capsules containing human flesh! All this is undermining our efforts to educate, to preserve. Atheists are the new homosexuals and are finding themselves marginalized members of society in some parts of the USA. Never accept that we cannot change our ways. Never turn a blind eye to abuse.  Best wishes Paul.