An April safari with the rains

April 2006

The lions are easy to find out on the plains Our guests could only come in April for 9 days so I planned a half day visit to Ngrongoro Crater followed by four full days at Ndutu in Olakira Camp and then 4 nights at Piaya staying in the Sayari Camp. To return to Arusha we decided to suffer the drive - a full day via Lake Natron to see Sanjan and the active volcano of Oldonyo Lengai.

At the end of March each year our safari season tends to wind down. The rains usually limits exploration and some areas become difficult to get around in. But there is always a plus to being on the Serengeti plains when more rain is falling.

The wildlife herds move onto the high plains near Piaya and into the Gol Mountains in huge numbers and the Angata Salei Plain near Sanjan Gorge also becomes flooded with newborn wildebeest and their mothers.

It is a time of plenty and the wildlife is free to move where ever it wants to as all the waterholes fill up and the green grass is easily found. Lions and Hyenas move right out onto the open plains and are easily found- they stick out like sore thumbs being brown in a world of green grass.

plains view lion cubs

At Ndutu large herds were moving through the area heading north and east - an 18 strong pride of lions had moved right in front of camp giving us morning and evening enjoyment and filling our nights with roars.

At Piaya the herds were arriving and we saw 10 wild dogs hunting baby wildebeest. We aslo walked to view ancient rock paintings and visited the local village. What fun we had. Our drive back to Arusha was long and quite hard but the landscapes decked in green more than made up for it.

wold dogs and zebra So a safari in the rains had a few wet days with mud that slowed us down sometimes- was it worth the risk to see these incredible places all green and busting with wildlife? You bet it was!

Any takers for next April?