Chada Katavi. Katavi National Park

Katavi National Park is stunning! I only very recently went there for the very first time and I was enthralled by it size, its wildlife and sheer untouched feel. I hope to return and explore many times in the coming years. The bird life needs working on!

Nomad have done up the camp since I was there and from the recent pictures I have seen it looks as if they have done an excellent job.

Aerial view of KataviAerial view of Katavi

Chada Katavi Dining TentChada Katavi Dining Tent

Katavi National Park, is without a doubt one of Africa’s best wildlife experiences. Filling the floor of the Rukwa Valley - a minor fault of the western great rift - the park spans over a million acres. Escarpment rivers run down through Tamarind, Fig and Albida forests to feed large floodplains.

From its elevated vantage point on a peninsula that rises out of the miombo woodland, the camp is perfectly positioned for panoramic views over the Chada floodplain. The canopy of tall trees are a popular source of shade and food for the abundant animal species that inhabit the area. The camp is a game drive said its host.

Chata Katavi Guest TentChata Katavi Guest Tent

Chada Katavi has open 4x4s and a dedicated guide for every client group so we can can direct our own daily patterns, plus there’s flexibility of activities, game drives, walking with an armed guide and trully wonderful fly camping well away from the main camp. With a maximum of only 12 guests in camp at any time you are guaranteed a very special experience here.

From your aircraft view 2000 buffalosFrom your aircraft view 2000 buffalos

Flycamping at KataviFlycamping at Katavi, well away from the main camp, is not to be missed

As I flew in to Katavi my heart raced again for exploration and I was not disappointed at all. We did explore, and the camp guide and I took it in turns to drive and and lead the walks.

We were young boys with old heads, turning over every stone or leaf and excited at every corner of the road.

In Katavi near any water you will find crocodilesIn Katavi near any water you will find crocodiles

rivers dry upAs the rivers dry up elephants and crocodiles dig for moisture

Crocodiles and lionsCrocodiles and lions await the arrival of lunch

Hippo concentrateHippo concentrate in huge numbers as the dry season continues

Waiting for the Hippo to dieWaiting for the Hippo to die

I recommend a 4 night minimum stay here and if we combine it with either Ruaha or Mahale our safari will be extra special. For birders I recommend a visit in the December - March period. Join me to record new species.

The extensive grasslands of KataviThe extensive grasslands of Katavi are eaten down as the dry season continues