Combine my Safaris

~ into a safari of a lifetime or perhaps a lifetime of safaris.

Many of my guests return time and time and time again to learn more, to explore more and to enhance our friendships.

[combine/1.jpg]Drive into the Wildebeest migration

[combine/2.jpg]Learn about conservation education

[combine/4.jpg]Spoil yourself a little

[combine/5.jpg]Spoil yourself a lot

[combine/6.jpg]Take a photograph like this

[combine/7.jpg]Take the teenagers on a holiday they with never forget

[combine/8.jpg]Walk with giraffe

[combine/10.jpg]Enjoy a lesson in a Maasai school.

[combine/3.jpg]Make a donation to a school

[combine/20.jpg]Swim ashore to Greystoke Camp, Mahale


[combine/11.jpg]Explore the Rufiji river

[combine/12.jpg]Fish the Rufiji

[combine/9.jpg]Photograph scenery

[combine/13.jpg]Hike at Empakai Crater

[combine/14.jpg]Climb a Kopje for a better view

[combine/15.jpg]Relax at Lake Eyasi

[combine/16.jpg]Run with the donkeys

[combine/17.jpg]Search for cheetahs

[combine/19.jpg]Stand alone (except for 10,000 animals) on a plain

[combine/21.jpg]Watch elephants on foot

[combine/22.jpg]Explore the Gol Mountains on foot

[combine/24.jpg]Be watched by a Cheetah

[combine/23.jpg]Spend an hour or two watching elephants

[combine/25.jpg]Hike with Oldonyo Lengai as a backdrop