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[TN_Mag_Mahale_Article.jpg] Paul Oliver (and Oliver's Camp) has featured in numerous travel publications, the occasional scientific paper, and on American, English and Dutch Television. Some were purely promotional, some documentary in style, while others were serious science. Some were fashion shoots, and some, not so serious television.

Paul also writes articles (on an irregular basis) for local East African magazine publications. Usually these articles aim to convey Paul's personal views on conservation issues or the safari tourism industry, either photographic or hunting. Paul is not a hunter and never has been, but in an ever changing safari world where the interests of conservationist are varied, his views are often stimulating and innovative. In an attempt to convey his opinions to the hunting industry he has over the past few years contributed to 'Hunting Insight Tanzania' magazine.

His photographs appear on numerous web sites worldwide and a few have become magazine front page images that depict Tanzania's wilderness landscapes. In the coming year many of his photographs will be available to view on a new website link), under Sanjan photography.

A few recent ones include:

  • 2006 June Travel News and Lifestyle East Africa Magazine
    Natural Highs: An article, with photos, on Mahale by Paul Oliver.
  • Safari Carlo Mari Feb 2003 (in German), Sep 2003 (English) ISBN 3-89405-615-0
  • Travel Africa MagazineIssue 21, Autumn 2002
  • Making Parks WorkVarious Editors 2002 ISBN 1-55963-904-0
  • Article on walking in Tarangire National Park in Travel News & Lifestyle magazine, February 2001
  • The Rocky Mountain News Travel12th April 1998
  • The Times (London) Weekend 27th November 1999
  • The Comic Relief Great Africa AdventureBBC 1999
  • IIED - International Institute for Environmental Development1999
  • Environment Magazine USAJune 1999, Vol 41, Number 5.
  • Safari Living Javed Jafferji & Gemma Pitcher 2003 ISBN 9987 667 21X
  • Safari Living Recipies Javed Jafferji & Gemma Pitcher 2003 ISBN 9987 667 236
  • Secrets of the Serengeti Brian Jackman Daily Telegraph 3 Feb 2007(external link)(copy here )
  • Are we messing with the Mara?Brian Jackman Travel Africa Magazine, Summer 2007(external link)(extract here )

Fly camping Fly Camping - photo courtesy of Javed Jafferji - from Safari Living, page 174

In "Sacred Journeys in a modern World" by Roger Housden 1998 (ISBN 0-684-83699-8), in the chapter entitled - The way of the Animal Powers - (second half) the author walks for a week with Paul in the Tarangire Area and records his impressions and experiences.

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