The Wild Maasai Steppe

I love this land and I first explored it as part of a three month back-country expedition in 1985.

That safari changed my life as this Wild Maasai Steppe country and Tarangire became a huge part of my life and remain so.

It is a rarely visited wildlife area with a great variety of cultural and wildlife experiences and a perfect wilderness safari before a luxury stay at Oliver’s Camp in Tarangire. Spreading Eastwards from The Great Rift Valley escarpment at Manyara, the Maasai Steppe is completely surprising with hidden grasslands which support the Maasai ways of life, vast seasonal swamplands and crumbling ancient granite mountains.

The vast majority of this area is little touched by tourism and exploring the more remote corners is an unforgettable safari adventure.

Mobile on Ruvu River Mobile on Ruvu River

 Road to Landanai Road to Landanai

Ol Donyo Sambu with one thousand buffalos Ol Donyo Sambu with one thousand buffalos in the grassy foreground

Kilimanjaro floats over a lake called the House of God Kilimanjaro floats over a lake called the ‘House of God’ – near our Ruvu River camp site

We safari across the Maasai Steppe from East to West starting at the Ruvu River, then into its remote centre and sometimes on to the fascinating Kolo Rock Paintings area, as described by Mary Leakey in her book (details in my Reading List).

At least two full days (three nights camping) are needed to explore just some of these fancinating paintings in their multiple locations.

Kolo Rock PaintingsKolo Rock Paintings

Kolo Rock PaintingsKolo Rock Paintings

Highlights can include climbing wild and rugged rocky outcrops, camping out on the Simanjiro Plains, a full walking day led by the local Maasai, camping on the Ruvu River, and to finish, an opportunity to relax at Oliver`s camp in the out of classic time to visit and have most of the park to yourself !

Tarangire rainbow in FebuaryTarangire rainbow in Febuary

This safari is perhaps not for first timers, but then it depends on your life experiences with wilderness! I recommend a 6-9 day safari and then 4 nights at Oliver`s Camp to fully experience some of these more remote and fascinating places. And I am more than happy to discuss the many options with you.