JULY 2005

Paul at Malambo school On July 1st we handed over the (now infamous) 200kg of school books, 10,000 pencils and donated medical supplies to the officials at the Malambo School and Village Medical Clinic. These items have had quite a journey. The books were collected by the headmistress and children of All Saints School, Lessingham, Norfolk, England; the pencils were donated by Alan Cable of Aid into Africa, and the Medical supplies both by the Lessingham School and the Gordon family of Connecticut and California in the USA. DHL U.K. flew the books out free of charge to Tanzania and everyone involved in this continuing help for this remote and impoverish community deserves a big thank you! You really have to visit and spend time in Malambo near Sanjan to understand just how much help these wonderful Maasai people need and how education opportunity is sadly lacking there.