Moving into our house at last

May 2006

Paul's House After nearly two full years of hard work and scratching to make funds available Tati and I moved into our new house in Arusha.

I had purchased a plot of land 8 years ago and with 6 helpers had been developing this plot ever since. We ripped up the coffee, planted 100's of trees and built an office base to work from. We lived in a tent on the plot and, when not on safari, created a base of operations for Oliver’s Camp and our mobile safaris. We built a workers house, a woodwork store and a garage area. (See news letter of September 2003 )

In July of 2005 we laid a 12 by 12 meter foundation for our home to be. The satisfaction of building your own house is only dampened by the amount of work one has to put in. We wanted it to be original and as I had been collecting rocks and dried pieces of bush and beach drift wood for years as well as refurbishing old safari furniture we incorporated it all into the house.

Red bricks that are made locally are very affordable and perfect for the ground floor. The upper storey could then be wooden. Termites are a real problem here and we could not use wood at all on the lower portion of the house.

Window frames, plumbing, roofing, electrical installations were all designed by myself and installed by contract people.

The interior was designed by us and our hard working building team- some of whom built the original Oliver’s Camp back in 1992 - helped paint and finish off the details. We are now building a small guest house - the end is in sight!

After literally living in a tent, almost full time, for close to 30 years, I was very happy to own my first home.

Especially with my beautiful wife! Life is good!

Here are a few photographs.

lounge passage lounge lounge kitchen passage bedroom loo old tent house