New Serengeti camp operation

September 2005 Newsflash

Our New Serengeti Ecosystem two camp operation starting December 2005

Recently many things have changed in Tanzania and the costs of operating a private mobile camp for my safari guests have soared these past few years.

With fuel costs rising every week, Park Fee increases for visitors and our staff and vehicles, costs are racing ahead of our calculations.

The 2 person private mobile camp experience is now 30% more than 2 years ago per person per night and even for 4 or 8 guests the price has risen by 20%.

In response to this many operators are offering - “lighter weight private camps”, (less luxury) or “safaris as they used to be” also meaning lighter weight camps, or “back to basics safaris” meaning -guess what - lighter weight camps. In an effort to keep prices down, equipment standards are being cut and at the same time the market is constantly pushing us to raise camping standards. The basic reality is that more costs more and today quite a lot more.

Camps that move into a location for a season can be cost effective and remain comfortable but with private mobile camps where the equipment is moved quite often there is a limit to the amount of camp equipment, which means luxury, we can move in a 4 wheel drive 7 ton truck.

Some operators are trying to keep standards high and offer (as Oliver's Camp did 13 years ago and still does) seasonally sited, shared safari camps for 10 - 16 guests to try and keep rates at a sensible level and still keep comfort levels high. These seasonal shared camps are moved up to 3 times a year to follow the migration in the Serengeti, they can offer quite a bit more comfort than mobiles and work out cheaper by at least 20% - 30%.

Below I attach a map that details the five sites we will be using as of December 10th 2005. Sayari Camp has two locations and the new camp called Olakira Camp will enjoy three locations. When either camp is sited in our private concession areas, such as Soit Sambu and Piaya we can enjoy walking safaris, night drives and cultural experiences in wilderness settings. The Mara and Ndutu areas are, as most of you well know, prime wildlife viewing spots that offer some of the finest experiences on safari. Combine those sites (check out the dates) with Soit Sambu and Piaya and the overall safari will be excellent.

Map of Sayari and Olakira Camp Locations


June and July combine Olakira in Central Serengeti with Sayari near the Mara River. (No walking or night drives are allowed at these sites as yet). From August to November combine Olakira at Soit Sambu where walking and night drives are available, with Sayari at our Mara site.

In December, January, February and March combine Olakira at Ndutu with Sayari at Piaya where walking safaris and night drives are a must.