Our new lightweight camp

November 2006

Tent without rain cover The mobile camping styles in today's safari industry have become very cumbersome indeed. Grade luxury tents are the expected.This is wonderful from a comfort point of view but the sheer weight of these tents and the trimmings makes them almost impossible to move from an operational standpoint. Large mobile tents need 7 tones 4WD trucks to move them around and the more remote areas are very difficult for these trucks to get into. The impact of such heavy vehicles is also undesirable to say nothing of the costs. Such bulk also means that these camps cannot move in a day and certainly if we do move them the distance between sites is limited to under 30 miles. It takes 4-5 hours to pack such a heavy camp into the truck and 5 hours to set it up again. This limits driving time between camping sites and allows to room for the unexpected delay or rainstorm.

Inside view without rain cover The safaris of a few years ago that could easily move in a day and put you in the more remote of locations have almost become a thing of the past. Just a few operators have specialized in such lighter weight camps and many guides feel that we need to keep these traditions alive. Low impact camps that are easily packed up in an hour or so and moved by smaller 2 tones 4WD drive pick ups that get get you almost anywhere can be the ultimate African Wilderness Safari. A safari where no other tenting operators are seen, a safari of real privilege with a professional guide.

Here are some photos of our new light weight camp and any feedback is most welcome.

Happy safaris to wilderness.