Olakira, Serengeti Ecosystem

Olakira is Maasai for star, capturing the vast plains and endless skies in which the camp is immersed.

The Migration moving out of Moru towards NdutuThe Migration moving out of Moru towards Ndutu


Masek crossingMasek crossing

Olakira Camp locates itself twice a year within an hour’s drive of two busy airstrips, namely Ndutu and Seronera. These areas have been well studied and have appeared in countless documentary films over the years. The resident wildlife is therefore well habituated to cars and this gives wildlife photographers a distinct advantage if they have limited time. The migration moves through these well known locations and the Seronera valley and the Ndutu plains, woodland and lakes offer perhaps the very best big cat viewing on offer anywhere in Africa. The draw back of course is that the numbers of cars that move around these fine locations has increased over the years and today’s tourism numbers means that you can rarely find your own pride of lions without another vehicle spotting that you have stopped. These areas offer very few opportunities to drive off road.

Olakira Camp does try to always locate itself away from the very busy areas but be prepared for the numbers of vehicles here. Olakira Camp has only 6-7 tents (unless your group is larger that 12-14 guests where it can be booked on an exclusive basis) and is smaller than the other seasonal camps on offer in these areas. I recommend this camp to stay at in between your visits to Suyan or Sayari Camps, or combine it with Ngorongoro Crater if you want to maximize your photographic chances and have limited time.

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The Olakira Camp
December to March
The Olakira Camp
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Olakira Guest TentOlakira Guest Tent

Inside a Olakira Guest Tent Inside a Olakira Guest Tent

Olikira dining table Olakira dining table

The mess tent The mess tent

View from a guest tentView from a guest tent

Breakfast at OlakiraPreparing Breakfast

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