Recommended books

It is vital that before you come on safari you invest some time in reading about this great African Continent. Below is a short list of ten books I would recommend you try to read before your safari, and as I know quality reading time can be difficult to find, I have listed them in order of importance and tried to give the many subjects at least one voice in this list. Enhance your experiences whilst here in Africa and please make the effort to read at least the first book - hopefully you will enjoy them all - eventually. For more reading please see my library which is updated as I discover the old and new and wondrous writings available.

I wish that elephants could write, happy reading.

  • Africa, a biography of a continent John Reader 1997 ISBN 0-679-40979-3 (hc) 3-57910-864-2 (pb)
  • Shadows of Africa Peter Matthiessen and Mary Frank 1992 ISBN 0- 8109-3828-6
  • Pyramids Of Life - Patterns of Life and Death in the EcosystemJohn Reader and Harvey Croze. 2000 ISBN 1 86046 613 3 (first published 1977)
  • Guns, Germs and Steel - the fate of human society Jered Diamond 1999 ISBN 0-393-03891-2
  • Rogue Lion Safaris Simon Barnes 1997 ISBN0-00-225455-7
  • Ancestral PassionsViginia Morell. 1995 ISBN 0-684-8270-1
  • The Future of Life Edward O. Wilson 2002 ISBN 0-679-45078-5(hc)
  • THE SCRAMBLE FOR AFRICAThomas Pakenham. 1991ISBN 0-349-10449-2
  • Into Africa Craig Packer 1994 ISBN 0-226-64429-4
  • The State of Africa. A history of 50 years of Independence Martin Meredith- 2005/6 ISBN 0-7432-3223-4

Suggested Field Guides to bring with you

  • The Kingdon Field Guide to African Mammals
    Jonathan Kingdon 1997 ISBN 0-12-408355-2
  • Field Guide to the Birds of East Africa
    Terry Stevenson and John Franshawe 2002 ISBN 0-85661-079-8
  • SASOL Birds of Prey of Africa and its Islands
    Alan and Meg Kemp 2001 ISBN 0-86972-732-7
  • A Field Guide to Tracks and Signs of Southern and Eastern African Wildlife
    Chris and Tilde Stuart 1994 ISBN 1-86812-5157

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