Suyan Camp

Suyan Camp which spends up to six months each year in two fine locations has become my favorite new select safari camp. One of the exciting aspects of leading safaris is that I am constantly looking for new locations or camps that can fit into the ‘ wilderness respected’ category. Camps that move into an area for a season and by doing so minimise the impact always get my vote but what size of camp is acceptable? Today Tanzania is witnessing a tourism boom and some of these supposed low impact camps are huge! Around Ndutu and Seronera in the Serengeti I’ve seen these seasonal camps with up to 20 tents sited. This is too many and can lead to massive impact issues that do not recover enough when such camps move away at seasons’ end. The other question I ask is whether or not a local community is benefiting directly from such impact?

Suyan camp splits it time between two location in the Loliondo Area East of Serengeti National park.

Please see the Asilia Camps page for a map of the location of the camp.

Suyan Camp - Loliondo
Soit Sambu
From June to December
Suyan Camp - Loliondo
From December to March

At both locations it pays the local community a hefty fee for each and every visitor that stays there. The camp is small with only 6 tents and for me is by far the most stylish camp of its kind in Tanzania. Quite a statement, I agree, but after 25 years experience in chasing the ‘perfect low impact and visitor comfort rated camp’ I can truly say that this is the best yet.

And these locations allow for walking, cultural interchange, fossil hunting, serious hiking if requested and a chance to witness the migration of 2 million Serengeti animals by yourself and not with 30 other cars as is sadly becoming the case at Ndutu, Seronera and anywhere other than the very northern part of the Serengeti National Park.

Our Suyan Breakfast awaitsOur Suyan Breakfast awaits

Piaya walkingPiaya walking

Piaya Wild DogPiaya Wild Dog

Piyaya walkingPiaya walking

Suyan StaffThe no 1 Team at Suyan Camp

The area for walking near Suyan from June to DecemberThe area for walking near Suyan from June to December

The Piaya area where Suyan is sited from December to MayThe Piaya area where Suyan is sited from December to May

Suyan Bush HyraxSuyan Bush Hyrax