Tarangire National Park

My home for 15 years

Tarangire National Park is a special place, a place very close to my heart.

Tarangire views are expansive and invite explorationTarangire views are expansive and invite exploration

I have lived in tents there almost full time since 1990 and never more than 3 months have passed in any one year before I am back again. In the eighties few visitors, or guides for that matter, ventured more than an hours drive into this wonderfully diverse wildlife area and even today most of this habitat is unknown to them. I on the other hand am one of a very few that have explored here extensively. This Park has been my back yard for over 15 years. My life changed when Tarangire became a part of it – I was married there, some of my late father’s ashes are scattered there and I’ve spent perhaps more time in and around this park than anyone over the past 15 years. I have enjoyed it to the full. My life is richer for it and I care deeply about the future of this area’s wildlife and habitat.

Elephants amass to eat the grasslands in the dry seasonElephants amass to eat the grasslands in the dry season

Lions hunt zebra at midday near waterholesLions hunt zebra at midday near waterholes

Camping in a remote location as a private group is the best safari experience and it doesn’t get any better than in Tarangire between August and November. Here we can explore off road by vehicle or by foot and penetrate an area of true big game country and extraordinary birdlife. The mammal species count is exceptional and few places in Africa can match the elephant spectacle we enjoy here. To camp with large herds of elephants around is one of those safari experiences of old – an experience Tarangire offers like no other in Tanzania.

Lions and elephants have to compete for water in the dry seasonLions and elephants have to compete for water in the dry season

When not staying at my Base Camp - which is remote enough - I tend to head out and camp at secret places I know, places I have enjoyed and taken guests to as part of an extended stay. This rolling landscape of rocky ridges, baobab and acacia studded parkland and truly expansive and wild grasslands are a pleasure to explore.

I invite you to camp with me – in my very large back yard -- as a private group deep in the very heartland of Tarangire and do so for no less than four nights

The central part of Tarangire is dominated by rocky hillsThe central part of Tarangire is dominated by rocky hills

A photographic walkaboutA photographic walkabout

Our adventures here can combine my Base Camp, my private mobile and some fly camping in a glorious week of adventure, spectacle and real privilege.

If you have a spare week between August and the end of October then spend it with me in Tarangire. A dry season safari experience doesn’t get any better.

We follow elephant paths which lead to water. And try not to trip up!We follow elephant paths which lead to water. And try not to trip up!

Tarangire’s swamps fill upTarangire’s swamps fill up

The green season is another experience. At the start of the rains, (which can be anytime from mid October to the end of December), dry landscapes and sometimes near death animal herds, are saved from drought. Extended dry periods here are brutal on the wildlife and some of the scenes I’ve experienced will never leave me. So when the rains start, the muddy roads and slight inconvenience they cause in getting around are soon forgotten as this park bursts into new life. Grass grows on dusty earth in days; water holes fill to bursting overnight and the wildlife sets about recovering condition lost in the dry season and start their yearly breeding activities. Fresh bird nests appear, tiny warthogs dart around and the elephants play for hours in the mud. Imagine what it must be like to drink water that is really very dirty for months and suddenly ‘bush champagne’ falls from the sky. I would play in the mud as well.

For bird lovers the green season is the best!


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