Walking Safaris

To walk with giantsTo walk with giants

I have been walking in the African bush for over 20 years now and cannot suggest a better way to enjoy a close up perspective on the African bush environment, to have spontaneous encounters with local people and access to areas not reached by vehicle.Although Tanzania has gained a reputation in the global safari market for vehicle based safaris that ferry guests from lodge to lodge, there are huge areas of the country that lend themselves to exciting and unique foot based adventures. Until recently most National Parks have not permitted walking within their boundaries, but more and more the policies are changing to allow experienced and capable guides like myself to develop other ways in which to enjoy Tanzania's abundant wildlife and stunning scenery.

Walking below Oldonyo OlololoWalking below Oldonyo Olololo

Walking the Sanjan plains at duskWalking the Sanjan plains at dusk

On foot and in the more remote and unspoiled areas, one can pass many days with friends away from roads and vehicles in sweeping scenery. It is often in such areas that we cross paths with local people, most notably the Maasai as well as others such as the hunter-gatherer Hadza tribe and their pastoralist neighbours, the Tatoga.

Walking Tarangires sand riversWalking Tarangire’s sand rivers

Elephants in Tarangire riverElephants in Tarangire river

To incorporate some walking into any safari is well worth the effort. The areas available for walking are often more remote and less traversed by the normal tourist itineraries, if you can combine a few different elements you will get a whole new perspective on the African bush, its wildlife and people.

Walking into Olkarien GorgeWalking into Olkarien Gorge

Bao game in the rockCultural secrets await an explorer- such as this Bao game in the rock

Join me on a walking safari if only for 3 hours, or 3 days and the African bush will enter your life as no other safari experience can.

Private Camps provides the best base for exploring the wild areas on foot. To make the most of a walking safari, camp in a remote location to start with.

We can in most locations walk directly out of camp and a vehicle can always be called in by radio to pick us up, bring us a breakfast or lunch or that cold beer at days end.

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