Why Go Private Camping?

“… the privacy of a mobile camping safari – especially in the company of a top-class professional guide — is probably the greatest luxury of all”.
Brian Jackman, The Daily Telegraph, Saturday March 22nd 2003.

The reason for using a private safari camp for your safari could not be put better.

Over the past 50 years, private one group of guests only, safari camps have become so sophisticated that they have defeated the real aim of being mobile enough to move. How much comfort do we really need? I have been designing safari camping styles for the past two decades or more and feel that many of today's supposed mobile camps are way over the top. They just cannot move anymore and become seasonal camps at best. One group of guests departs and another group arrives. The guests move - not the camp with the guests. I am against the impact large seasonal camps can cause and always campaign to keep camps small. Today I use two styles of camp for my private mobile safaris. One is deemed luxury and the other lightweight.

[2007/mobile_dining_tent.jpg]My luxury mobile dining tent

[2007/my_lightweight_camp.jpg]My lightweight camp

The luxury camp requires a 7 ton 4WD truck and a land rover pick up to move it with 10-15 staff to help. The lightweight camp needs one or two one ton land rover pickups with 4-6 staff and can be moved very quickly. The limitations should be obvious. Both styles are priced differently and are moved into the very best locations for your safari. We try hard to minimize our impact on the environment and ideally let sites recover as soon as possible.

No one wants to camp in a pristine and wild site and realize that many others have been there before.

Paul Oliver’s mobile tents over the years.

[why_a_camp_for_eight.jpg]Camping at Naaibadad


[why_n_r_camp_for_2.jpg]A wilderness camp for two

[why_copy_of_lunch_in_our_private_mobile_camp.jpg]Our camp at Moru Kopjes Serengeti

[why_ruvu_river_camp.send.jpg]Our Camp on the Pangani River on our Maasai Steppe Wilderness safari

[why_sunset_table_set_ad.jpg]The plains view from our camp near the Gol Mountains

[why_pofu_camp_nice_send.jpg]A camp for four near the Gol Mountains

The individual attention, the personal interaction with your guide and your travelling companions, the seclusion and the on hand service make staying in a private safari camp the essence of safari. There is no better way to be this close to the rhythms of the bush, the sounds of the night and the stillness of the wilderness while still being able to enjoy personal comforts.

Whether the camp is sited in a private camp site in Serengeti National Park, under a rocky outcrop in the Masai Steppe or at the base of a volcano in the Great Rift Valley, you can be sure of exclusive comfort and privacy, as well as having immediate access to the areas you have come to visit, unhindered by the schedule of meals at a lodge or the crowds of other vehicles.

If you only come to Africa once, stay in your own private Safari Camp sited just for your group, either for your whole safari or even part of it. You will never regret it.

Paul Oliver camping safaris offer privacy and comfort, freedom and adventure with unique and personalized itineraries.

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