Wild Dog at Oliver's Camp

November 2005

Wild dog As the dry season comes to an end each year we at Oliver's Camp always look more closely for Wild dogs as the rare sightings we have are almost always at the end of the dry season.

Over the past few years no dogs have been recorded so I was getting quite worried. These beautiful animals range over enormous wilderness areas and with the farming expansion outside the Park continuing into these wild lands the dogs could run into conflict with either the farmers or the Maasai herders.

Livestock herders are intolerant of all large predators - they kill upwards of 30 lions a year around Tarangire alone. The numbers of Hyena, Cheetahs, Leopards Jackal and Wild Dogs they kill is unknown and an urgent study is needed. So when 4 adult Wild Dogs walk almost into camp and rest for the day - we all get very excited indeed.

Wild dog in Olivers Camp Sadly I was not there, but thankfully a visitor to camp did get some photos which will help us to ID these 'Painted Wolves of Africa'. They departed the camp area and bounded off Eastwards into very difficult country for a vehicle to follow- no doubt they found a Lesser Kudu or Impala to feast on that evening.

If more sightings are reported I will let you know. (Thanks to Mike Cristina for the photos).