Zanzibar Island (Unguja)

On Zanzibar there are many options to suit all tastes. The attraction here is the strong Zanzibari Swahili Arabic culture that boasts many centuries of history that are reflected in the towns’ every street and doorway, and in the daily lives of people today. Depending on your requirements in terms of activities, food and accommodation quality, we can recommend and book the appropriate facility for your stay.

Matamwe Bungalows is a beautifully located beach lodge on a remote stretch of the Indian Ocean providing great food and a stylish, relaxed atmosphere. In Zanzibar’s Stone Town Emerson and Green’s Hurumzi House represents the height of Shirazi and Persian styles that characterize Zanzibar’s rich history, and the roof top restaurant is a legendary dining destination.

Zanzibar beachZanzibar beach

A Matemwe suiteA Matemwe suite


Matamwe Bungalows(external link)
Emerson and Green’s Hurumzi House(external link)

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